Geocubed is a numerical and analytical simulation consulting and software development firm for groundwater and unsaturated (or vadose zone) fate and transport and flow. Learn more about GeoCubed. About GeoCubed, Inc.

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Parviz Montazer, Ph. D., CEG, PG, CPG

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GeoCubed was devised in 2003 as a consulting services name to indicate products and consulting services in the special fields of GEOLOGY, GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, HYDROGEOLOGY, AND GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING
Although GeoCubed refers to the four basic core services, its branching includes Geographical Information Services Applications, Groundwater Hydrology, Vadose and Unsaturated Zone Hydrogeology, and Geophysical Engineering.

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GeoCubed in partnership with NOREAS, Inc. is prusign Environmental and Hydrogeocogical Modeling Contracts.